Tiny Thoughts and Micro-Moments.

Agnes Ajadi
3 min readSep 9, 2023



I've been losing a bit of my balance through overthinking lately and whenever that happens, I need to take a trip into nature and most of it falls into place again. The fresh air, the sight of greenery, the movement, and the smell of earth do wonders every time to create some calm in my head.

What brings your balance back?


My life is repetitive. I feel weary, exhausted from the daily repetition, yet strangely comforted by it. I yearn to break free from this cycle, yet it helps me stay sane. I don't want a monotonous life but the monotony strangely keeps me grounded.

just a Jo March kind of feeling.


There was a time when I could effortlessly craft words, with no need for dark music or burnt cola. My hands didn't tremor or fail me. I flowed endlessly as if guided by angels whispering words. Now, this art, this passion mocks me.

I have a vision of the things I could write. Vulnerable - open wounds and older scars. But all it reminds me of is unfulfilled dreams, ugly cries, and endless screams. When will the right words come?


Playing tourist in your uni is one of the greatest things to do whenever everyday life feels a little dull. Sometimes our surroundings feel so familiar to us that we don't stop and soak it all in. But there's so much to discover around us, so many small beauties around us.


When I was a child, I would spend most of my free time sitting on a cashew tree in our front yard. Dreaming of a big world and feeling free as a bird. I still remember it as a very happy and unworried period of my life. A time that now as an almost adult with responsibilities and an overthinking head, I miss. Where have the carefree days gone? So every once in a while when I'm on a walk by myself, I imagine myself on a tree, and I set myself back into my childhood - and just for a brief moment, I can feel that special kind of happiness again.


We are all just small creatures in this big wonder of the universe, so maybe we should just stop taking ourselves so seriously and allow ourselves some peaceful rest. Some words I always try to remember whenever (my) anxiety starts floating up again. Be kind to yourself every day.


A reminder from me to all my fellow quiet people:

Being of a quiet and introverted nature doesn't equal weakness, a lack of self-confidence, or a boring personality. Quiet people are strong, passionate, and important as well and there's no need to change yourself only because society prefers a certain way. Embrace your quiet nature.


I'm slowly, but surely falling in love with some things. Like watching series, taking pictures, and having conversations with people. A great reminder that life is constantly changing, in a good way.


What's on your heart? What do you wish was in existence that isn't right now?

Maybe you are meant to create it.


Why did we ever stop writing letters?

The fast and constant communication of the present is simply not in my nature, and so I prefer the slowness of letter writing. Something you do only occasionally with more consciousness. This act comes with a unique form of relaxation and intimacy and should be brought back with more appreciation, in my opinion.


There are so many priceless gifts to be grateful for. The gift of love. The gift of family. The gift of books. The gift of opportunities. The gift of friends. It's a good life after all.

It’s a good life.